Tuesday, September 28, 2010

ONLD on MUA-TV: Brian's Interview, Part 1

Film Icon Joe Blasco interviews Writer/Director Brian Bazala for MUA-TV about their origins in Western PA and the backstory of the new feature film, Opening Night of the Living Dead.

In Part 1, Brian sits down with Joe Blasco at the MUA-TV studio to have coffee and talk zombies.  The two filmmakers talk about their hometown in Western Pennsylvania (and the other filmmakers who got there start there) as well as the story behind the new horror feature, Opening Night of the Living Dead.

Look for Part 2 of their interview, coming later this week!

Be sure to visit Joe Blasco online at:

Special thanks to Doug Shotts and Amanda Chamberlain for their work on this segment.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Location Scout at the Kahana Stunt Ranch

Director Brian Bazala and Associate Producer Jensen Lee recently scouted out the location of the upcoming film shoot with Stunt Supervisor Kim Kahana and Stunt Coordinator Matt Jones.

Matt Jones, Brian Bazala, and Kim Kahana (behind) survey the cemetery scene location.

Matt Jones, Jensen Lee and Kim Kahana enjoy a cool treat after a hot location scout.  Hey, this is a fun business!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thank You!

Jensen Lee & Brad Murphy
The Producers would like to thank all involved with our auditions this weekend including Jensen, Brad and David for keeping things running smoothly; Amanda, Doug and Joe for their tremendous support and use of the MUA-TV studio; CFT and all our other local friends who sent us great talent; and of course all of the terrific actors who took time out of their Saturday to audition.  We really appreciate all of the enthusiasm you brought with you.

While we can't cast everyone, we really wish we could find a place for all of you.  We'll be following up with talent in the next week or so as we make some final decisions and we look forward to moving ahead with production in October!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Casting Notice! Auditions Sat. Sept. 18, 2010

Casting notice for Opening Night of the Living Dead.


Low Pay, Non-Union

LOGLINE:  When their town is overrun by a horde of brain-craving zombies, a group of community theatre actors struggle for survival -- and applause.

ONLD will be shooting 3 scenes from the film to be used as a teaser.  These scenes will be included in the final feature.  Unique opportunity to work with well known effects makeup and stunt professionals in addition to experienced crew.

SHOOT DATE:  OCTOBER 8,9,10 in Clermont, FL  (Night Shoots, est. 8 PM - 5 AM)
REHEARSAL DATE:  TBD, the week prior


When:   Sat. Sept. 18, 12-5 PM
Where:   MUA-TV, The Joe Blasco Studio  (map)
521 N. Kirkman Rd. (Corner of Kirkman and Concord)
Orlando, FL  32808
Pay: Low, Non-Union, varies with role and experience

Experienced talent only as we will be on a tight shooting schedule.  Improv skills a must.  Please email picture/resume with all contact information for audition time.  You may include a link to a website and demo reel.

Send all materials to:

CONTACT: OpeningNightZombieFilm@gmail.com

***NOTE:  All actors MUST be available for additional filming in the first half of 2011 (you must be local and/or available for additional filming).  We will make every effort to accommodate schedule conflicts, however, you must be able to clear approx. 2 days for additional filming.  We will give adequate notice for you to do so.  Please DO NOT audition if you think this will be a problem.

BREAKDOWN:  (all ethnicities welcome)

MARISSA (20) Exotic good looks and oozing sexuality.  She has a fascination with Comics, Horror and the Occult, and thinks goth girls are poseurs.    Must be physically agile and able to be rigged for levitation stunt.  A young Angelina Jolie type.

BILLY (20), tall, athletic and handsome former high school football star.  His varsity jacket is his prized possession.  A real cocky ass with limited aspirations.  Must be comfortable with fights and stunts.  -- Requires brief appearance with no shirt.

SKY (18), a pretty, curvy but awkward girl who doesn't seem to fit with the others.  She is Billy’s rebound girlfriend with very little self-respect.  Obsessed with texting and her iPod.  -- Requires brief appearance in bra and panties (Possible brief partial nudity.  Negotiable)

KAYA (19), an attractive former cheerleader.  She realizes she is hanging out with losers, but they’re the only friends she has left after HS.

SEAN (18) athletic and good looking.  Billy’s former teammate.  Typical former jock flunking out of community college.

TROY (19), non-athletic with a mess of hair.  Has few prospects for a career beyond his job at the local video store.

CARETAKER (50+)  A curmudgeonly cemetery caretaker.  We are looking for strong character types who can play both crotchety and comedic, without being too campy.

We are also in need of several actors to play ZOMBIES.  If you are interested in being a zombie, please specify that in your inquiry.  Serious inquiries only.  No fanboys, only pros please.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Initial Filming Commences!

The producers of ONLD are excited to announce that we will be shooting select scenes for the film in Mid-October!

Location Photo:  Groveland, FL
Production will take place at Kahana Stunts in Groveland, FL where we will be constructing an entire cemetery.  The shoot will also feature several stunts and visual effects, as well as many special makeup effects created for the film by Joe Blasco.  DP Brian Przypek will be flying in for the shoot.

Be sure to follow our progress here and on our video blog (coming soon) as we begin production on the film! And please continue to support us by telling your friends about us.  If you'd like to contribute to our project, you can do so by clicking on the Kickstarter Icon in the Sidebar.